Mindfulness Training in North East for Therapists


At: Jesmond Therapy Centre
7 Holly Ave West

The Mindful Therapy Programme ™ is a 4 day training programme split up over 4 months.

This is a unique programme to the North East of England, and will be seeking to integrate the practice of mindfulness with evidence based therapeutic approaches to individuals and couples

Mindfulness can be described as the practice of being present with the immediate experience of our lives, and may be cultivated through the self regulation of attention on immediate experience, underpinned by attitudes of acceptance, curiosity, insight and equanimity. Central to the practice is investigating secondary suffering; that is what happens, emotionally, psychologically, neurologically and spiritually after we experience the primary pain of hurt, loss or trauma.

We will be exploring ways of

1. Enhancing therapist self care and decreasing therapist burnout
2. Increasing positive outcome in our work with clients
3. Integrating mindfulness and compassion into therapeutic interventions and the therapeutic hour
4. Assessing the suitability and use of mindfulness based interventions with clients

The cost of the programme includes access to a vast range of papers specific to the philosophical and scientific investigation, research and practice of mindfulness, a range of CDs to deepen your home practice and access to peer led online support via the Mindful Cafe.

Unique to the Mindful Therapy Programme ™ is a staged progression through the core aspects of mindfulness: mindfulness meditation as the foundation of the work, compassion as the motivation and “outcome” and insight from the mindfulness perspective. Module 4 integrates the previous three.

The modules are:

Module 1: don’t just do something, sit there!-an introduction to mindfulness

Course intentions, creating a home practice
Our mind as the “imp of the perverse”
Case study
Mindfulness metaphors to use with clients
Mindfulness based interventions for clients

Module 2: why zebras don’t get ulcers-an introduction to compassion

What is compassion?-an evolutionary approach
Case study
Accepting ourselves as a compassionate mess, the flowering of kindness
Primary and secondary suffering
Interpersonal mindfulness and compassion

Module 3: what’s running your show? An introduction to insight

The 8 layers of consciousness
Use of breath and sound
Clinical applications of mindfulness in mental health
Assessment of suitability for clients to take on mindfulness practice
Mindful inquiry practice & troubleshooting

Module 4: bringing it all back home-integrating the previous three modules

Participant lead practice
Feeding your demons as embodied (reflexive) practice and therapeutic delivery
Tara Brach’s RAIN practice as the practice in a nutshell
Using a mindfulness based 6 session treatment path in time limited practice
Reporting out, keeping in touch, continuing professional development


These courses are organised and delivered by Graeme Armstrong. For further information or to book a place, please contact Graeme directly using the contact details below:

Graeme Armstrong
07885 640 490

mindfulness: opening the present


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