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Covid 19 blog #3 mindful walking

An occasional lite blog reflecting on the impact of the virus from a therapeutic setting.

So, we are in the midst of what some are referring to as a “lockdown”, though we can still go out to exercise-walk, cycle, run. My preferred exercise is mindful walking. I first learned this practice from tutors at the Mindfulness Association, and at first, I hated it! Now it’s my favourite practice.

How does it work?

You walk: swing one foot out and bring your awareness to the feeling(s) in the foot (the balls of your feet, your heels) as you lift and land, then the same as the other foot lifts…and lands. With gradual practice you then begin to experience the feeling in your ankles, your calves, your thighs and the how your pelvic girdle moves as you walk.

Now you bring your attention to your upper body, feel the breath as it works its way through; belly, chest, nostrils, the movement of air or wind at your face. Then your body as a whole.

As you walk, as you practice this, you become more and embodied, and you can begin to explore the sensory world around you; bring your attention to what you smell, see, touch, hear and taste as you walk. A park, a wood or the beach is a great place to do this, but urban environments work just as well-as long as you keep your Covid distance!

A mindful walk brings us out of the heady, anxious thoughts we might have at this time of crisis, and back into our calmer, embodied self.

See you out there walking!

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