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seasons of mindfulness 5 practices to align to the seasons

When September arrives we know things are changing, we are moving from summer and towards autumn.

This time of year both provokes and evokes a set of feelings, often constellated around resistance to the cold setting in. Taking time to reflect on how we are in our outer and inner seasons as these seasons change is a kind and mindful activity. This dharma of nature can teach us much.

5 seasons of mindfulness practices

  1. Take time to be in nature – sitting in the garden or walking in a beach or wild place; savour this experience
  2. Notice how the light is changing, we get some quite beautiful sunsets as the season change; notice fruits and berries as they bloom
  3. There are many small changes around us as we move towards a change of season. What do you notice around you-look with new eyes as leaves fall to the ground
  4. Try to be in the here and now as changes occur, using your senses to be fully present.
  5. Reflect on how this is for you as an embodied being, what changes occur and repeat in you?

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